People FirstAchieving Balance In An Unbalanced World

People FirstAchieving Balance In An Unbalanced World

If you are a leader, manager, coach and parent, please read this book. People First contains priceless wisdom that will change your life.

Jack Canfield, Author, New York Times Best-Sellers Chicken Soup For The Soul® and The Success Principles


People First is a simple yet very powerful book. A must read for CEOs, executives at all levels, their employees, parents, and kids. This is a great primer for high school students and college students. Read it now and apply this simple brilliance. Thank you Jack! Well done!

Jeffrey Meshel, Author of One Phone Call Away: Secrets of a Master Networker, Chairman of Mercury Capital Corporation, Chairman and Founder of The Strategic Forum


Readers will relate to the simple truths of People First. If you take Jack Lannom’s message to heart, it will transform your professional and personal relationships in a significant way.

Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of The One Minute Manager®, and The One Minute Entrepreneur™


People First

The Cure for "Business as Usual"

PEOPLE FIRST® - ACHIEVING BALANCE IN AN UNBALANCED WORLD gives massive illumination for every person who truly wants to make a difference in people's lives. It is a transformational 5-step philosophy told in a story format that will equip you with little known secrets for achieving balance in an unbalanced world.

Start today to use these amazing simple steps to build your life, your work associates, and all your family. You really can achieve a life / work balance – a quick-read story with profound possibilities.

People First will unveil the answers to these crucial questions in an easy-to-learn, self-help system that will enable you to move beyond success to greatness.

  • Do you know how to bring out the best in every human being?
  • Do you know how to capture peoples' hearts so they will follow your leadership?
  • Do you know the five most important words every person longs to hear?
  • Do you know what throws the kill switch in every person and how to avoid it?
  • Have you discovered what is more important, less important, and not important at all in your life?

Start today to use these amazing simple steps to build your life, your work associates, and all your family. You really can achieve a life / work balance – a quick-read story with profound possibilities.



Jack Lannom is the author of:

  • Untapped Potential: Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers;
  • Quantum Mind/Memory Genius® Learning Series;
  • Memory Genius Learning Series;
  • You are a Genius Children's Learning Software;
  • Remembering Names and Faces and People First® Leadership Certification Program.

Jack is an international presenter and educator. His PBS television program, "Lannom's Memory Methods" has taught millions of people "How to Learn". Mr. Lannom's mind-expanding methods have been celebrated in Fortune 500 companies and his Leadership Programs have taken Leadership development to an entirely new plateau.

As a Master of the Martial Arts, holding black belts in six styles of Kung Fu; and holding the record for breaking over 3000 pounds of ice with a single strike, Jack blends his mental and physical energy into a winning combination to teach individuals and businesses. Jack's philosophy is "Celebrate the human spirit!"



25 Powerful Benefits of Applying the People First Book

  1. Discover how the profits first, people last culture does not create high profits, high morale and long-term viability.
  2. Get your PhD. in People Skills.
  3. Learn a 5 step relationship strategy to bring out the best in everyone.
  4. Give your employees the relationship tools to build stronger marriages.
  5. Virtually eliminate turnover by creating a culture of high-challenge and high-discovery.
  6. Turn all of your leaders into exemplary models of world-class leadership.
  7. Learn the best business success strategies to attract the best people and retain the best people.
  8. Learn how to balance professional life and family life.
  9. Create a passionate, purpose-driven, high performing workplace.
  10. Turn difficult people into Purpose Partners.
  11. Develop a “Playing to Win” vs. a “Playing not to Lose” mindset.
  12. Create Champions of Change by giving people permission to succeed and permission to fail.
  13. Discover simple methods to create loyal customers and loyal employees.
  14. Become a company where everyone says, “we all work very hard but we have fun at work and we are appreciated for who we are and what we do.”
  15. Increase trust and decrease tension between management, employees, customers and all stakeholders.
  16. Learn how to practice truth in all things, wisdom in all things and excellence in all things.
  17. Create a culture that constantly celebrates the human spirit.
  18. Virtually eliminate blame and shame and create accountability and responsibility.
  19. Learn that real power is the power that makes everyone powerful. You will discover how to make everyone more powerful within your sphere of influence. Give power away vs. Hold on to power.
  20. Learn how to practice the art of honoring the human spirit and watch the immediate impact on the performance in the workplace.
  21. Develop an environment of openness, transparency and vulnerability so that people will trust your leadership.
  22. Learn the empowering language of the human spirit and create a team that willingly goes the extra mile.
  23. Develop an environment that shouts to everyone, “I am proud of you”, “I believe in you”, “I need you”, “Thank you”, and “Yes”.
  24. Eliminate the ego, mood, power and crises driven leadership model.
  25. Create a business that has happy employees, happy customers and high profits and that everyone is proud to be associated with your world-class company.


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PEOPLE FIRST - a soon to be made motion picture will turn into a world revolution - what Academy Award Winning, Lean on Me, with Norman Twain was to one generation, PEOPLE FIRST will be to ours. God Bless Jack Lannom for bringing us what comes next. The reason Chicken Soup Authors and so many tell "everyone" that "if you're alive", you MUST read People First - rest on "what if THIS" is the ONE. And of course People First goes so far beyond WHO MOVED MY CHEESE that every reader in the world has to open their heart, ears and mind to the principles of honor, cooperation and integrity People First warms all over the reader.

BJ Dohrmann, Author, Super Achiever Mind Sets - Perfection Can Be Had - Founder - Inventor Super Teaching

Jack, you have summed up success in two tremendous words, "People First." This book is for every profession and age group.

Charles T. Jones, Author, Life Is Tremendous


I really enjoyed "People First!" Not only did it enlighten my spirit, it moved me and reminded me of what's really important. As a result the five habits of communication pyramid are on my desk and it will stay there until I'm habituated. It's simple, but not always easy, and you have provided a great reminder. I have no doubt it will become a classic in the realm of” Who Moved My Cheese," "Leadership and Self-Deception," and "The Greatest Salesman In the World."

Stewart Levine, Author, Getting to Resolution and The Book of Agreement

People First gives your heart and mind a path to make change easier and leadership natural. Jack Lannom artfully combined his unique expertise as business consultant, martial arts master, accelerated learning facilitator, and spiritual teacher into an engaging story that can benefit literally anyone who works with people.

Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation and Author of PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance,


In Jack Lannom's People First book, leaders discover how to empower people rather than wielding power over them. People First provides simple action steps toward building strong interpersonal relationships. A must read book for anyone who has to deal with people!

Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author, The Platinum Rule and Charisma


In his powerful and engaging book People First, Jack Lannom reminds leaders that their most important role is to empower the people around them. In addition to being the right thing to do, it also makes sense. An empowered team will create success for the leader, but for this to happen the leader must put his or her team first. The strategies in People First will help you to be an outstanding leader who creates outstanding results.

Tom McCarthy, author of the highly acclaimed book FIRE-UP Your Presentations and FIRE-UP Your Results as well as several CD learning programs including the best-selling Paraliminals Peak Performance and Talking to Win

A strong message for every business leader: the most important asset on your balance sheet is your people. Get your people right and everything else will come right.

Susan Ford Collins and Richard Israel, Authors of The Joy of Success and Shifting Gears


People First offers real tools to change the way you think about and the way that you interact with those that you are in relationship every day; work relationships and personal relationships. It is great reading that illustrates just how effective these changes can be in creating a more prosperous and fulfilling life. Jack Lannom, you have done a wonderful job in painting a picture of balance, abundance and happiness that can truly be achieved. This book is a must read for everyone.

Kandee G, internationally recognized speaker, life coach, radio host - Author of Now Boarding: Next Stop-Your Remarkable Life.

I loved People First. The story is so entertaining and inspiring. The action steps are so simple and easy to apply, yet deeply profound and transformative - in a personal and business context. Plus, the results are absolutely extraordinary. Get a copy for yourself and everyone you care about.

Bob Scheinfeld, Best-selling author of The Invisible Path to Success and The 11th Element


Dear Jack, Your book, People First, rocks. Refreshing in its delivery of simple and accessible truths, you bring to life the importance of personal responsibility in the context making choices and in passing on the legacy of our values. People First is a contemporary celebration of the human spirit. As an over achiever in marketing and advertising, I played at the top of the game on Madison Avenue. In one way I have been blessed, in another cursed. Ask my children, for most of my career I was on the road and never home.

I agree with you that we have not done a good job of passing on the legacy of the American dream. Madison Avenue afforded a ring side seat to the dog-eat-dog exploitation of core human values, an environment where lives are ground up in the gears and levers of high pressure advertising. The exploitation of mass advertising is unrelenting. Society’s frenetic dance for materialistic gain is no accident. With almost unlimited budgets, as Vice Chairmen / COO at Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the world’s largest agencies we brought together the brightest minds, the most powerful computers, and the most advanced science. All targeted at seducing the human spirit on behalf of the profit motivation of the world’s largest corporations.

Therefore, it is no accident that we have spawned a crazy world for our children. Kids grow up with pervasive Internet access and violent video games that rival reality. As in corporate America, Bling rules the choices being made by our children. It just looks like we lost our way. Over the last 25 years I’ve been privy to the challenge of corporate executives to do the right thing in the face of the enormous pressure for short term gain – a phenomenon now extolled in our popular culture as bling. People First provides a simple and straight forward philosophy for life that works as well in the boardroom as it does for my kids and their friends, struggling to get started and make their way in the world. People First distills simple and powerful truths that connect the head and the heart, and then practical ways to connect the feet firmly to the ground.

The book manages to effectively tap into universal emotional tugs like the approval of a parent, and the warm teacher student relationship between Sifu and Dan. It lets the story teach and reach where minds and hearts can be shaped. Jack, your character Dan’s choice to put people first when everything around him is crumbling is such a great contemporary illustration of the power of our fore father’s faith in mankind. That philosophy rooted in the belief that we are inherently good creatures and that given the chance; each of us can make a positive difference in the world. Dan moves from autocrat to coach and unleashes the power of people. He let’s go, and in doing so gets everything he’s been looking for. The simplicity and elegance of-- YES!; THANK YOU; I NEED YOU; I BELIEVE IN YOU; I AM PROUD OF YOU-- is a gift we can all use and understand. Leave the world a better place. Help our children live happy, meaningful fulfilled lives. What else is there? I look forward to working with you to help put people where they belong in business and America. First."

Tom Carroll, co-founder of

PEOPLE FIRST is an outstanding contribution to the literature in the leadership field! The book is "content filled" and "reader friendly! I am a Professor in Marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have reviewed many books on leadership. PEOPLE FIRST presents a compelling statement focused on empowering people through systematic building of interpersonal relationships. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, I am teaching the PEOPLE FIRST principles to my students. I teach the concepts of "The Pyramid of People Power", "MMFI--Make Me Feel Important", "Create a Culture of Recognition and Celebration"...and many others. The PEOPLE FIRST text clearly presents specific "hands-on" techniques that can build a powerful leadership style for the reader. As a consultant and professional educator in the network marketing industry, I am strongly endorsing PEOPLE FIRST as "required reading" in relationship building to my company clients and network marketing distributor audiences worldwide. I look forward to reading the other books in the PEOPLE FIRST series and sharing the philosophy. You have written a winner, Jack. Congratulations!

Charles W. King, Prof. of Marketing University of Illinois at Chicago - Co-Founder | Faculty Administrator - Seminar Leader of the UIC Certificate Seminar in Network Marketing - Researcher, Educator, Author and Consultant in Network Marketing

People First is a powerful and inspiring book with specific instructions on how to improve your life. The story behind the book makes it impossible for the reader to forget how simple genuine attempts to place people before the task, changes the quality of all relationships.

Barbara McRae, MCC, bestselling author of Coach Your Teen to Success


I have just finishing reading your book "People First", it was a great pleasure. I have read several thousands of self-help books through 30 years and I am not easily impressed. However, your book did impress me, here are the reasons:

1. It was well written and had a very nice story with a happy ending. (I had tears in my eyes at the end)

2. It was easy reading.

3. It WILL help a lot of people, not only in their jobs but also at home in the family.

4. The "People First Philosophy" will catch on like wild fire (it will be like Dale Carnegie’s "How to Win Friends")

5. The book will be bought by management and given to employees … oops ... Purpose Partners

6. Trainers all over the world WILL "steal" and start using "the Pyramid of People Power" by Jack Lannom in their trainings, like "Maslow's pyramid". (In fact Jack, I have already used your pyramid in Norwegian in some of my seminars because I got it some time back in e-mail Newsletter from someone in USA, and I did not know that you where the one that made it).

Jack, your book will be a fantastic success, I am sure about it and I am proud to know you, and even better, work with you in the coming years. By the way, I have a friend who has translated and published many books among the "Who Stole my Cheese" here in Norway, maybe he/we could get the right to publish it here.

Rino Solberg, Success Magazine, Uganda

Jack Lannom’s People First is the first business management and leadership book I’ve read in years that gets it so very right. In thirty years of business management and technology consulting to the fortune 500 and too many successful startups, I’ve been very fortunate to work with the best and the brightest in many fields and through many iterations of the “next big thing".

From tremendous influence of the late Peter Drucker to the popularity of Tom Peters, management has tried everything from activity based costing to total quality management in an effort to succeed. None of these matter if the people aren’t truly the first interest of their leaders, rather than merely an obligatory motivational activity. If people don’t know and feel that the success of the business and all of their family and co-workers (their Purpose Partners™) is their success. We must all give up the false dichotomy of success verses failure, and believe in each other, personally and purposefully. Had Jack Lannom’s book been available back when I was teaching business management and computer science in college, People First would have been an ideal text.

Almost all the business and technology failures we’ve seen over the last thirty years have been due to people problems – the technical problems are easily solved, but without solving the people problems, those solutions of never successful. Jack Lannom teaches the lessons gently and well, drawing on ancient and proven wisdom. Having worked hard to foster the adoption of business process management and thereby enable the importance of individuals to shine, I’m convinced that the philosophy taught in People First is needed to provide the moral compass and motivation for these next generation technologies and business strategies. The potential of combining the People First approach to life with these management enablers is very exciting! I hope all my clients will read his book and take his message on board, deeply and personally. All of us have only this wonderful world and the joy of each other to gain."

David McGovern, Principal and Founder, Alternative Technologies

If you truly care about real success, which is honoring and enhancing the unlimited potential of others, Jack Lannom’s “People First” is a must read. This unique and inspiring story teaches you how to make a difference in your own life by making a difference in the lives of others. To read it is to be inspired. To study and apply it can change your life forever.

Jack Maitland, Former NFL Player, President, Maitland Marketing


As you know, I'm involved in the training industry that impacts many industries. The most successful companies are in a constant state of helping personal growth develop from the owner all the way to the person who started with the company yesterday. I will recommend People First to every one of my clients and also suggest that they do as I have, and pass it on to every member of their family! People First is not a "how to" it's a "why" for life. I am certain that it will become a classic!"

George Madiou, President, CEO,


Yes! I read the book with interest because we have people with a variety of backgrounds in our growing affiliate network. Our community includes people with corporate leadership experience as well as those just attempting to start an alternative career in a home-based business, along with non-profit organizations and ministries. The straightforward principles in your book apply to all of us and especially to us in leadership. While we already were already proud of our company perspective that every affiliate possesses unique God-given qualities that they could develop to excellence, the pyramid gives me a simple model that I can use to teach others.

Before I completely finished the book, I began to experiment with the praise and recognition component. In just a few days, I have already noticed a difference in the attitudes of those I interacted with as well as an improvement in my own attitude. As the book states, the philosophy begins at home and spills over into the workplace. I found that applying the principles with my family made the last week quite enjoyable. Now that I have finished the book, I intend to recommend it to all our leaders. I found the implementation of the concepts easy to build into our current practices. I expect that over time, we will see quantifiable results that will document the premise in the book that bottom line profits will improve in direct relation to the morale of the group.

Bob Cline, President, UPC |

Your book is truly an inspiration for all businesses regardless of their size, industry or culture. A universal guide to creating an environment that attracts grows and retains people which leads to business growth. I read your book from cover to cover nonstop…loved it! Can’t wait to see the movie.

Christine Thompson, CEO, CKT Alliances International LLC


Jack Lannom has contributed one of the most important tools imaginable for all human "beings". People First conveys a simple yet very powerful message…to achieve a true sense of balance and success we must first begin by honoring the human spirit! Corporate America as well as our entire society can easily benefit from "The Pyramid of People Power"! I cannot adequately express the impact that this small book has had on my company and my life, but suffice it to say, that I have shared a copy with each and every one of my "Purpose Partners™" and continue to enjoy the rewards on a daily basis! Thank you Jack!

Riza Chase-Gilpin, CEO, Kitty’s WonderBox, Inc.

Start today to use these amazing simple steps to build your life, your work associates, and all your family. You really can achieve a life / work balance – a quick-read story with profound possibilities.