Debbie Lannom

The BOSS of the CEO
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The BOSS of the CEO

I love what I do. I love to be the one behind the scenes making sure that everything works and follows a great plan. I love helping people within organizations to love their jobs and to have a greater fulfillment in all of their lives. What could be better than that?!

Before joining Jack in the People First Movement, I worked for American Bankers Insurance Group/Assurant Group as Vice President of Meeting and Promotion Services. I had the “best” job in the world and worked for some of the best people. When the time came, it was hard to leave my mentor, R. Kirk Landon, Chairman of the Board of American Bankers and all the management team of ABIG/Assurant. I had grown to deeply love those wonderful men and women!

In addition to working with wonderful people, my job at ABIG/Assurant allowed me to live my passion: travel. I delighted in the challenges of organizing meetings for our board of directors, arranging our “Ringing the Bell” as we listed on the New York Stock Exchange, designing the programs for our sales conferences, and creating travel incentives all around the world for our Top Notch Sales Team and top insurance sales agents. And, of course, I was tasked with coordinating all of our employee events. My favorite was celebrating ABIG’s 50 years in business – 5000 people turned out for that event!

Today, directing and coordination are what I do best . . . and now I can use my gifts to serve all our People First Certified Companies. It brings me great joy to play a role in enhancing the lives of so many people and so many families.

I love my husband and my daughter. Jenelle is 28 years old, living in St. Louis, and working as an Anesthesia Assistant at St. Anthony’s hospital. I love to walk and to travel . . . so when I can combine those two activities by walking the streets of Rome, I couldn’t be happier!

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