Doug Cross

People First Master Coach
Minneapolis, MN
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People First Master Coach

With over 20 years of multi-industry experience in various cross-functional leadership positions, Doug Cross is well known for his passion, enthusiasm, and inspiring attitude and developing people into high-performing teams.  Throughout his career, Doug has successfully led, managed, and developed teams through coaching, mentoring, and training.  He’s won numerous awards and recognition for his leadership, creativity, and developing future organizational leaders.

Doug’s successful career experience includes working for Top 50 Fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and ConAgra, smaller organizations, associations, and e-commerce.  Doug’s expertise includes Strategic Planning, Sales, Category & Shopper Insights, Customer Operations, Training, and Development.  Doug excels at developing strong, highly collaborative relationships built on trust, integrity, and mutual goal alignment which results in creating Indispensable Business Partnerships.

During his time with J&J, Pfizer and ConAgra, Doug engaged and collaborated with retailers such as CVS, Target, Ahold, and Meijer on their long-term growth strategy.  Doug and his team won awards from Target for developing their Millennial Guest conversion strategy, Guest Shopper Segmentation, and delivering outstanding Guest Insights.  Meijer recognized Doug’s leadership by selecting ConAgra to partner with on their Big Data, total store layout initiative.  CVS partnered with Doug on their #1 long-term growth strategy, creating a comprehensive pharmacy and front store customer engagement strategy.  Similarly, Ahold selected to partner with Doug’s team to create an outstanding sales, profit, and share growth strategy through Brand and Private Label integration.

Doug is passionate about developing people’s leadership skills through training, coaching, and mentoring.  He believes the #1 priority and obligation of today’s leaders is developing tomorrow’s leaders.  When asked about what he wants his legacy to be, Doug stated “To inspire people, to aspire higher than they can imagine, to exceed expectations, and excel past success to significance through intentional living.”

Doug now channels his passion, enthusiasm, experience, and outstanding team development skills into best in class leadership training, coaching, and mentoring.

Doug’s Values:

  1. Integrity, Trust, Respect, and Credibility
  2. People Focused – Develop, Train, Coach, and Mentor
  3. Creative, Collaborative, Goal Oriented and Solution Driven


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