Joanne Hader

Director of Analytics
and Evaluation
[email protected]

People First International Director of Analytics & Evaluation

“The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.”
John Buchan, 15th Governor General of Canada 1875-1940

Amazing teams that produce results consistently can only be built by empowering people first.

I believe it because I have lived it – as a team player and as a leader. I believe it because I measure it. I see it time and time again as a business consultant and in my role as part of the People First International team.

Following a career of more than 20 years as a researcher, program evaluator, and senior-level manager in Canadian government and non-government organizations (NGOs) I was incredibly fortunate to find a new home and kindred spirits in this amazing organization.

Having the opportunity to be a part of this invaluable work keeps me energized on cold Canadian winter days! I am passionate about data collection that supports positive change that honors and respects people first! And, the ‘applied’ multi-methods research approach at People First International hugely supports my innate curiosity – I need to know how many for sure, but I also need to dig for deeper understanding through asking ‘why, why and why’. And you need to know too!

I am trained and experienced using both qualitative and quantitative research methods and a self-professed data geek, I have taught university classes and research methods and have presented to academic conferences on research methods. I have led large teams, that delivered. I have both facilitated and measured large-scale transformation initiatives. They say the best way to learn and understand something is to live it and teach it! In my last job, I lead a large team of up to 20 data analysts, epidemiologists, and researchers in evaluating the cancer screening services in the largest Canadian province. Most of my time was spent getting out of the way and making sure the team had the tools to succeed.

Joanne has authored and co-authored more than 30 health service and human resources research publications including an impact evaluation of closing 50 small hospitals in one Canadian province and a groundbreaking review of the impact of large scale reorganization on health system employees, commissioned by the government of Saskatchewan.

Joanne has a BA and an MA in Medical Anthropology from the University of Saskatchewan. She is a certified Lean Yellow Belt, a huge fan of Crucial Conversations tools and methods, and a trained facilitator and negotiator. She is respected by clients and colleagues for delivering results and for the positive energy she brings to demystifying data collection, analytics and statistical concepts. Balancing out her work life, Joanne is a Registered Yoga Teacher, mother of two grown boys, and an avid golfer and cyclist.