Leslie Gargas

People First Master Coach
San Diego, CA
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People First Master Coach

My soul is ignited by the opportunity to help people and organizations define and achieve values-based success: to uncover and live their truths. Why? Because I know from personal experience the cost of making decisions and taking actions that do not align with your core values. I also know soul-full satisfaction that comes from discovering and living your truths – living in alignment with your values and responding and reacting to soul-driven vs. ego-driven rewards. As a leader and a coach I know the power of taking the time to get to know a person’s heart and help them uncover their truths and achieve whole-life values-based success. Doing this ultimately has a positive impact on their family, their team and organization, and the community at large.

Background: Throughout my 25+ year corporate career I have been blessed to work and lead in Sales, Training, and Talent & Organizational Development roles at Coca-Cola and Wyeth Consumer Healthcare. Very successful by most peoples’ standards, I won many Sales awards, was recognized for building an award-winning training organization from the ground up, and was praised for consistently creating innovative solutions for strategic business issues, positively impacting organizational culture and performance.

My “success” in the corporate world came at a high price. It also provided me with an incredible gift – the opportunity to get clear about what really mattered in my life. Stepping back and openly receiving this gift, I was able to see that I was not living my values. I had lost sight of my faith and my family and was responding to the “carrots”; the ego-driven rewards. Once I redefined success based on my values, eliminated fear and removed perceived barriers, I walked away from my corporate job, started my own Coaching & Consulting company and never looked back. As a result I’ve spent the past 8 years doing transformational work as an Executive Coach and Performance Consultant in numerous organizations, including The Wharton School, Catalina Marketing, the Gemological Institute of America, and Hormel Foods. To be described by colleagues and clients as “an authentic and insightful leader and coach; a compassionate-truth-giver who inspires individuals and teams to be and do more”, now that is “soul-full” success!

Values: Faith, Family, Legacy, Courage and Wisdom 

Mission: Make a positive difference in the lives of others every day

Education: Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, minor in psychology and certifications in DiSC®, Effective Intelligence®, Targeted Selection® and Lean. Earned coaching certifications through Linkage and DCU, and completed coursework in organizational development, situational leadership, HR and training management, strategic selling and Large Account Management Process (LAMP).

One-Word (that best describes me as my ideal self): Compassionate-Truth-Giver

Beliefs: Being a great mother is my most important job. Feedback is a gift – one that should be given from the heart and received with a “thank you.”  The only thing you can control in this life is YOU; your attitudes and actions. In order to give you must openly receive!

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