The following rules will create the high engagement culture I’ve been advocating.

Rule #1: Develop a comprehensive philosophical system for sustainable personal and organizational growth and engagement—values, mission, and vision—and communicate that philosophy in such a way that everyone will buy in and genuinely want to live that philosophy and make it a reality.

Rule #2: Your senior leadership team must be exemplars of your philosophy. In other words, their lives must be worthy of respect and trust because they are models of truth, wisdom, and excellence in all things.

Rule #3: Specifically define what high engagement should look like in your organization.

Rule #4: Sustain the fires of high engagement by teaching everyone to develop a shared commitment to help one another to grow personally and professionally. This creates a culture of shared accountability, in which everyone has permission to speak the truth in love to one another with regard to each one’s level of engagement.

Rule #5: Leaders must constantly communicate to purpose partners why high levels of engagement are important to their own success and how their total engagement contributes to the overall profitability of the organization.

Rule #6: Give purpose partners feedback on their levels of engagement. In addition, all purpose partners’ engagement levels should be tied to their performance appraisals.

Rule #7: Enthusiastically celebrate all purpose partners who demonstrate that they are living examples of your organization’s description of full engagement.

Rule #8: Consistently communicate your organizational execution strategy and explain how everyone’s role and responsibility is critical to the fulfillment of that strategy.

Rule #9: Annually measure the levels of engagement in your entire organization and communicate to everyone if the organization is progressing or regressing and why.

Rule #10: Habitually encourage everyone to practice the art of putting people first by demonstrating humility, honor, and grace toward one another in every word, and deed.

Build on your philosophical foundation by incorporating the 10 Rules for Creating Outrageous Engagement into every aspect of your strategic planning. We will become so much more profitable in every area imaginable when we learn to think in this values-based way and act accordingly.

The outcome is the maximization and multiplication of the human spirit capital of everyone in the organization. This is how to create a peak-performance magnet culture. People will beat your door down—not only because they want to work for you, but also because they want to buy your products and services. The greatest magnet of all that will draw men and women through your doors will be that they want to get to know you and actually be friends with you!

The single most effective way for leaders of an organization to gain a sustainable competitive advantage is to invest in the development of all purpose partners’ personal and professional well-being. I’ve often said that organizations don’t change, grow, and develop; people do! The personal drives the professional. Everyone in an organization must learn how to improve their personal lives if they are going to improve their professional lives.