R-E-S-P-E-C-T. What does this mean to you? Respect is a fundamental component of our personal and professional lives. Without respect, there is not a healthy dynamic in the workplace. A respect ratio is comprised of what means the most to you in the workplace. Respect should be a ratio involving maturity, tolerance, and guidance.

Respect is all about cultivating maturity, tolerance, and guidance for others. Maturity comes in the form of knowing when to speak up and when to back down. Respect your elders and fellow purpose partners. Remember to always disagree with the idea and not the person. As humans, we always forget that we are the same, but we think differently. In modern day politics, pop culture, and social media, you hear of cyber bullying where we are attacking the person and not the idea or cause that they are standing for. Maturely approach your purpose partners during a discussion and respect them as a person and the idea that they are presenting.

Tolerance coincides with maturity. A good level of tolerance shows maturity in business and personal aspects. If you do not tolerate those with different ideas, working styles, or those that come from different backgrounds, there is no respect happening here. Embracing others for who they are and being able to work with them and tolerate the way they accomplish tasks is a great stepping stone towards achieving that ultimate respect ratio.

Guidance is probably the most important part as a leader to follow. If you are a CEO or project manager, your leadership is essential to your purpose partners. They follow your example in almost every way possible. Your work ethic, tolerance level, and maturity guide others to success. If you are noticing that your purpose partners are not at a respect ratio that you desire, guide them to a better place. Practice maturity and tolerance and teach them about this ratio. A good balance between these is needed for you to guide them efficiently. There is a mutual respect between the leader and the purpose partners. Find that respect through this ratio.

Remember to keep these three aspects in mind: maturity, tolerance, and guidance. What other aspects of respect are important to you? Each workplace is different. All purpose partners are not cut from the same cloth. We all have different backgrounds and we have a different idea of respect. Discuss this with your purpose partners so that you can cultivate this respect and create a more efficient and respectful workplace.