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John Terhune

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Internationally Renowned Author and Keynote Speaker, Peak Performance Coach to Executives and Entrepreneurs, Winslow Certified Elite Licensee, and Attorney at Law

By education I am an Attorney. I spent ten years of my life as a trial lawyer. I was the Chief Felony Prosecutor in a Northern Florida Jurisdiction. If you are at all familiar with trial work you should know that regardless of the facts of the case it all comes down to who you select to sit as jurors.

I first began to recognize this fact when I invested a year of my life watching every jury selection in Leon County, the county where Florida State University Law School was located. I was very fortunate to attend a great law school that was located one block away from the First District Court of Appeals, two blocks away from the state’s Supreme Court, three blocks away from the State Legislature and four blocks away from the County Court House where cases were being tried every week. With the dream of becoming a great trial lawyer I spent a great deal of time during my second of three years of Law School either watching jury selections or attending acting classes at the Theater Department at FSU. The end goal of observing all of these jury selections and taking acting classes was to become an expert in trends in jury selections and outcomes and to become a person who could command the courtroom by enhancing my speaking and “presence” skills.

The skills that I was able to develop as the result of a year of observation and working on my “presence” in front of a group of people empowered my advocacy skills through Law School as I was selected as a member of the elite FSU Moot Court Team. This team would compete against top law schools around the country in Appellate and Trial competitions. By my senior year these skills had translated into me being named as the Top Oral Trial Advocate by the American Trial Lawyers Association in their national competition. As a trail lawyer with the State Attorney’s Office these skills translated into a record of winning 97% of over 200 jury trials and handling in excess of 5000 criminal cases.

After ten years in the court room I transitioned my career into business consulting. My passion is all about helping people and companies reach their full potential. I am all about putting the pieces of the success puzzle together to create extraordinary results. In my experience of having worked with thousands of business entrepreneurs in 18 different countries, I have become convinced beyond any doubt that there are four critical pieces of the success puzzle that people must master to gain extraordinary levels of success; Attitude, People Skills, Leadership and Teamwork. In the last 25 years I have spoken in front of more than a million people and have shared the stage with as a Keynote Speaker with Presidents Reagan and Ford; with General Norman Schwarzkopf and Colonel Oliver North; with football legends Coach Tom Landry, Coach Don Shula, Rudy Ruddager, Bob Griese, Bart Starr, Rocky Blier, and Joe Theisman; and with inspirational and motivational figures such as Dr. Norman Vincent Peal, John Maxwell, Denis Waitley and Zig Ziglar. I have authored multiple books on attitude, people skills and entrepreneurship. My short audio segments called “Attitude Pumps” are available as an app in the Android and Apple store and have been downloaded in more than eighty different countries.

I am blessed to be a happily married man of over 30 years and have three wonderful children and two amazing grandchildren. I absolutely thrive on working out. My day always starts with two hours in the gym. I am the youngest 61 year young person I know. When not working we spend as much time as possible together as a family. My favorite get away continues to be the mountains of North Carolina.