Let me ask you two questions about your current business system:

  • Is your current system one that’s worth duplicating?
  • If you continue on your current course, will you be proud of your legacy?

Choice is the vehicle for personal and organizational development. However, choice without truth and wisdom as its trusted guides for excellence in all things is an exercise in futility. Until we choose to do a deep-dive into what drives all human behavior—that is, the substructural foundation of our preferences and choices—we will never begin to systemically address the restraining forces that are impeding organizational transformation. You are perfectly designed to get the results you are currently getting. And you will always get the same results—and never know why—unless and until you develop the metacognitive ability to examine the wisdom of your thinking processes.

How much are you investing every year into the development of the greatest asset and best competitive advantage of your organization: the fabulous, fertile minds of the people that run your business? If either of the questions I’ve asked you above have caused you discomfort, let me encourage you to change before you have to change!

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, and you’d like to learn more about constructing strategic success systems in your organization, I invite you to contact us. I can tell you with complete confidence that if you embrace the principles of People First Leadership and incorporate them into our People First Business Success System, you will introduce everyone in your organization to a philosophy fit to live by . . . a life fit to live with . . . and a legacy fit to live for. In short, you will lead your organization on a proven path to sustainable success!