“It’s about the little things” is a phrase we’ve all heard many times. The little kindnesses in life are what get us through the day. We usually remember small occurrences in our daily lives instead of a string of events when we are older. Those are the little things. There is an abundance of outstanding material available to business leaders who are seeking to inspire maximum engagement and monitor the results. Noticing small accomplishments can do just that.

It is my opinion that people have largely ignored the human spirit foundation that supports all the intangible elements. Maximum engagement and long-term success begin with purpose partners understanding who they are as human beings. This is the impetus behind all key performance drivers. But how do we engage that intangible element – the human spirit? Knowing how to really connect with each other in small ways can turn into leaps and bounds in engagement and productivity. Noel Fogarty, a leader whom I respect tremendously recently told me, “You must make a concentrated effort to help all your purpose partners make a heart connection with the mission. One thing I’ve learned is that if you think you’ve communicated, you probably haven’t.

Communicate your belief in the People First Human Value Proposition. Communicate your belief in the exalted dignity, worth, and potential of people. Communicate the organizational philosophy and your strategic model for the organization. Communicate your commitment to learning and growth. And above all, encourage every member of your leadership team to commit to catching purpose partners doing something right and then sincerely, specifically, immediately, and personally celebrating them. This should be considered one of every leader’s daily responsibilities.

Catching your purpose partners doing something right can be as small as them making a meaningful suggestion to a project or when you notice them taking a little more initiative when they weren’t asked to do so. Showing your appreciation and recognition is so simple and will make your employee want to be more engaged with you and the company. Each step that your purpose partner makes to better themselves and the company is a small accomplishment towards a larger goal. Notice it and show your appreciation.

When we truly honor others and value them as people—not merely as “purpose partners” or “customers”—we cement bonds that cannot be created in any other way. The People First Human Value Proposition is waiting for bold, visionary leaders to fully believe, embrace, and utilize this philosophy. When they stand on this rock-solid philosophical foundation and when they incorporate their appreciation, they will reap a spectacular, sustainable harvest of fully engaged purpose partners, happy customers, and high profits!