The Human Value Proposition is the rich, human spirit soil in which to grow a vibrant, healthy culture that profits everyone; purpose partners, suppliers, and customers who interact with a People First culture are influenced and inspired by its noble philosophy. A huge part of that value is how you handle your own personal vulnerability. There are times where you may not have the competitive advantage or your company is not up to the standard. Your vulnerability is an asset.

Let your company be a model of profitable well-being! That begins with leaders who are living examples of this inspiring value proposition. If you recognize that you are vulnerable, take this opportunity to show your strengths and come out of the trough to a new high for your organization. Leaders live and work in a way which proclaims, “This is the best way to live your life and to be as profitable as you can possibly be.” They’re not practicing a cold, impersonal technique to increase revenue; they are manifesting their in-living excellence. That excellence is still inside all of us even in our most vulnerable states.

The clear message every purpose partner receives is, “No one is going to treat you better than we will and no one is going to train you better than we will, because of the human value bond that connects us.” Remember that your purpose partners come first. If you are going through some struggles, the best thing you can do is bring your purpose partner up by encouragement, empowerment, and celebrating them even when times are tough. You will be stronger for it.

If you think about a vulnerable state, it can be terrifying. But how do you think the financial metrics of your organization would be impacted if even two-thirds of the men and women in your employ were enthusiastically engaged with living out your corporate values, enthusiastically engaging with your customers, and genuinely striving to make your bold goals for the future a reality? A 2012 study of 50 global companies by Towers Watson found that companies with the traditional low levels of employee engagement ran an average operating margin of just under 10%. “Among those with high traditional engagement,” the study concluded, “average operating margin was just over 14%. But among those with high sustainable engagement,[1] average one-year operating margin was close to three times higher, at just over 27%.”[2]

Extraordinary profits are driven by extraordinary belief in the extraordinary value of the human spirit. To get out of that vulnerable spot or to embrace it, you must first embrace the unique strengths of your purpose partners. You will personally gain from adopting this transformational belief; your purpose partners will profit both personally and professionally; by necessary extension, your customers will become loyal through their interactions with your outrageously engaged purpose partners; and finally, your shareholders will realize that even with a vulnerable organization, your company still comes out on top! Use your vulnerability as an asset to prove to everyone that it can be done. Believe in yourself and your purpose partners.

[1] Towers Watson defines sustainable engagement as “The extent of employees’ discretionary effort committed to achieving work goals (being engaged) . . . An environment that supports productivity in multiple ways (being enabled) . . . [and] A work experience that promotes well-being (feeling energized).”

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