People First International

Transforming Company Cultures By Unleashing the Power of People

People First International

is the world’s leading program in initiating a positive and dramatic transformation in your business.

Company culture is critical to the success of your organization. Employee retention, happiness, and contributions directly affect the bottom line of your organization. People First facilitates an intense shift in company culture, resulting in an environment that is trust-based, innovative, productive, and profitable. Your entire organization participates in a process that develops powerful leaders at all levels, supports you in creating the culture you desire, and determines the solutions that will dramatically increase your bottom line.

What are the benefits of being a People First Organization?

As a leader in your organization you may be asking, “Why should my organization become People First certified?”

The answer is simple.

  • Employee engagement is not optional; it is an essential requirement for achieving long-term, sustainable success.
  • Employee engagement goes hand-in-hand with higher job satisfaction, better productivity, and lower turnover.
  • Engaged employees outperform their disengaged counterparts by 20-28%.

The real question is...

How can you afford NOT to be People First certified?

Are You Spending Resources on Programs That Don’t Engage Your Entire Company?
How employees feel about leadership lies at the heart of their level of engagement. It is essential to understand how employees feel about how they are treated. Do they respect their leaders? Can they trust leadership to do the right thing?

Let’s look at the facts.

Only 29% of employees say they are fully engaged in their work. Imagine where your organization would be at 100%.

19% are actively disengaged, unhappy and spreading discontent in your organization. How did they become this way?

Only 28% of employees believe their CEO is a credible source of information.

52% are unengaged, simply putting in the time. Imagine if your employees were fully invested in your mission.

62% of leaders report leadership quality in their organization is low.

Nearly one in three employees is unhappy and currently wants to leave the company.

Change your statistics. Change your culture. People First is your solution.

Trust is the new currency for creating healthy and profitable work environments. With the new currency you can purchase commitment, engagement, laser focus, productivity, fast results, and fulfillment … all key essentials for creating a People First Culture, and a healthy top and bottom line.

People First is a results-driven, people-centric program that takes a real look at the detriments of employee disengagement and implements a course of action to radically transition your organization into one
thriving with purpose and profitability.

There are multiple factors that can inhibit culture cohesiveness and productivity. One enormous factor in employee disengagement is lack of communication. People First assess your current communication procedures and develops the most effective program for clear messaging throughout your company, combating what is often known as “silo sickness”.

People First … A Cure for “Silo Sickness”

The Business Dictionary defines the Silo Mentality as, “A mind-set present in some companies when certain
departments or sectors do not wish to share information with others in the same company. This type of mentality will reduce the efficiency of the overall operation, reduce morale, and may contribute to the demise of a productive company.”

The cry from leaders coming out of the C-suite from corporate America, is “how can our organization achieve a sustainable competitive advantage?” One vital competency that leadership must master to achieve this sustainability goal is to learn how to lead across organizational boundaries so that their organization consistently operates as one, seamless, unified team and not like a field of disconnected silos.

To underscore the pervasive nature of this silo mentality and its debilitating consequences on corporations the American Management Association reported that 83% of executives stated that silos existed in their companies. Moreover, 97% believed that these silo’s had a negative effect on their businesses.

A People First culture of caring communication, compelling cooperation, and consistent collaboration will
produce abundance and concurrently eliminate all silos sickness in your organization. Furthermore, this
seamless, one-team culture will foster a cohesive, Purpose Partner, mentality. And, this new purpose partner, collaborative mentality, will unite your organization around common, company-wide goals, mission and vision that will enable everyone to see how their departments individual efforts effectively contributes to the systemic success of the whole organization and ultimately accomplishes your business results and makes
your competition irrelevant.

Who is Jack Lannom?

Founder and CEO of People First International, Jack Lannom is an award winning author, business expert, and global thought leader who shares over four decades of leadership experience with internationally respected organizations. His ability to dramatically change the management landscapes of organizations across the globe has made him one of the most trusted and revered change agents in the industry.

Implementing the rigorous research of the People First Philosophy has become his life’s work and passion. Jack’s mission to create highly engaged company cultures has given him the opportunity to work with global industry leaders in reducing costs, reigniting employees, and creating cultures that produce unprecedented profits. Jack’s unwavering passion has consistently brought global companies to the summit of success. He has truly mastered transforming an organization’s most valuable asset … the people.

Leadership Program Comparison Chart

People First Leadership taps into your most valuable asset, your people. With People First, your culture transforms, human systems and business systems improve, and most importantly, all this happens by everyone treating one another with the utmost dignity, respect and honor.

Our People First team is comprised of leading experts from around the world who provide their, research, and data on leadership development for our programs. Our faculty includes Dr. Milton Rosario, organizational development expert from Harvard and Warton School of Business, Dr. Ronald Cooper, economics expert from UC Berkley, and Doctor of Psychology and performance coach Dr. Tony Ewart. Rounding out the team is Dr. Mittie Cannon, expert in educational leadership from the University of Phoenix, and Dr. Greg Kappas, a leadership expert from Marshall University.

Our faculty is committed to developing transformational programs to bring your company to the summit of success. The scholarly magnitude of the People First Leadership Team is another reason why our program is a world leader in organizational development.

Creating a People First Culture

People First Leadership certification utilizes the best business inputs to ignite sustainable competitive advantages, happy customers, a positive company culture and tremendous value for all stakeholders. People First combines strategies for both business systems and human systems to give the best business output results your organization has ever seen.

People First International

is the world’s leading program in initiating a positive and dramatic transformation in your business.

People First Leadership certification utilizes the best business inputs to ignite sustainable competitive advantages, happy customers, a positive company culture and tremendous value for all stakeholders. People First combines both business system and human system strategies to give the best business output results your organization has ever seen. Creating a high-performance culture with engaged employees who are honored, valued, even celebrated is the proven success formula for leaders across the globe.

Your organization is full of potential and possesses the tremendous possibility for profits and innovation. How do you make this powerful shift? How do you transform your culture to put your people first and have the most engaged and profitable culture your organization has ever seen? To begin your evaluation process and implementing strategies that will increase both employee engagement and your bottom-line, connect with me directly at [email protected].