People First Trust Pulse Assessment

How important is the level of trust within your organization to the overall success of your business?

Many business leaders assert that “Cash is king.” In other words, they are affirming that a business owner better have lots of cash on hand to enable him or her to weather any economic storm. However, the most enduring currency—which is inflation and deflation-free and will sustain any organization in the most challenging of economic times—is the currency of trust.

Sustainable, profitable organizations are built more on their “trust capital” than on their financial capital. Without a high level of trust (i.e., social capital) among all of your stakeholders, there is no foundation for creating long-term, sustainable profitability. Therefore, a critical component for a business—not only to survive tough times but also to thrive—is to understand that trust capital creates trust currency, which leads to ever-increasing instances of trust-based transactions between all internal and external customers.

Your organization may have lots of cash on hand. However, if your employees, customers, and stockholders do not trust your word, then a solvent bank balance cannot rescue you from an untrustworthy reputation.

Have you measured the levels of trust in your organization?

We have created the People First Trust Pulse Assessment, which will enable you to measure the levels of trust within your business with empirical, quantifiable accuracy.

The People First Trust Pulse Assessment was developed to help business owners:

  • Accurately identify where mistrust is occurring between employees and management.
  • Pinpoint remedies for any erosion of trust.
  • Acquire a better understanding of your customers’ level of trust or mistrust for your products and services.
  • Discover the high-level TrustPoints in all of your stakeholders’ minds and learn how to maintain and improve on these TrustPoints.
  • Capitalize on the power of the People First Trust Pulse Assessment to create strategies which foster greater levels of trust among all team members.
  • Discover why employees and customers walk away from you and do not wish to experience your culture.