A People First Certified Company

Jack Lannom

Subject: People First

Dear Jack,

I want to thank you for the introduction of People First to the Boston Scientific Miami manufacturing site. We had been working hard at making operational improvements at our site, but heard clearly from our team that our efforts were focusing solely on the business side of things, without sufficient attention to the human side. We knew that we couldn’t get to where we needed to go, strictly based on physical changes to our systems and process.

We knew that in order to truly change how we operate, we needed to capture and engage the hearts and minds of all of our employees. And that’s where People First came in.

When our Management Team met you in November and listened to what People First was about, and felt your passion and enthusiasm about People First, we knew that it could be a major component of our cultural change efforts. We are proud to be People First Certified and are now working to incorporate our learnings about People First into systems and processes and how we work each day. The certification program is over, but People First lives on in Miami!

We also would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to PJ Bouchard, who demonstrated a passion for People First equal to your own. She connected with the management team and kept the momentum going over the 12-week period. We are honored to have met and worked with both of you.


Noel Fogarty
VP, Operations, Boston Scientific

9600 N.W. 41st Street
Miami, FL 33166-6202
(305) 597-4000