A People First Certified Company

Mr. Jack Lannom

Dear Jack,

On behalf of everyone at WCI Communities, I would like to express our deep appreciation for the positive impact that the People First philosophy has had. The benefit has been seen in our external and internal business interactions, which certainly was a goal, but I have also heard many comments regarding the effect on family and personal relationships as well.

The class exercises were extremely valuable in determining what our associates valued in their personal and professional lives and we understand that “the personal drives the professional.” We used the information shared during our classes and gleaned from across the company as a springboard to define and refine the WCI Communities Vision, Mission and Values and are very happy with the result. And as you say, the foundation for a People First leadership is a unified philosophy.

At WCI, we know that our Associates are the company’s most valuable asset. To reach and sustain our Vision of being “Florida’s premier lifestyle developer, builder, and services provider” we know we must attract, retain, develop and engage the very best people in every position. We also agree with the philosophy that whatever we want our customers to feel, our staff must feel it first. We believe that we invested wisely in our Associates by bringing the People First book and Leadership Training to WCI.

We appreciate the energy, dedication and sincerity with which both you and our course instructor & mentor, Dan Philips, infused the many insightful messages of People First. We will always be grateful for the experience and will continue to live out the WCI People First Culture: Making People Feel Important!

Best regards,

David L. Fry
President and Chief Executive Officer