Hear What Other CEOs are Saying About People First

CEO’s of People First Certified Companies

Left to Right – Sir Olaf Halvorssen, Tom Manenti, MiTek Industries (A Berkshire Hathaway Company); Ray Southern, Balfour Beatty Construction, Jack Lannom, Bob Kramm, Pro Players Stadium, James Donnelly, Castle Group, Art D’Attile, Art’s Plumbing
Frankly, I’m fortunate to have the leaders to bring in Jack Lannom and People First International into our organization. That’s the catalyst. And now since that catalyst has taken hold, I think many people in our organization will talk about People First from their heart.
Chris Hollander

Sr. VP Corporate Growth, MiTek Industries, Inc.

A people-first company motivates its employees to achieve their highest potential. Authenticity, communication and celebration are cornerstones of the people-first philosophy, encouraging everyone at the company to reach peak performance. When your people feel valued, they’re inspired to become the best versions of themselves, and in turn, yield outstanding results for your clients.
Blain Heckaman

CPA, Kaufman Rossin , P.A.

I want to thank you for leading our company to the next level of productivity and high customer satisfaction. This is the only leadership training that I’ve attended where the participants were actually able to start applying concepts and strategies right after the very first class. It is truly transforming WCI and its Purpose Partners!

Don Lozowski

Corporate Services and IT Assets Manager, WCI Communities, Inc.

I want to thank you again for arranging Jack Lannom to speak to our National Sales Managers. For the second year in a row, Jack has captured their imagination and left them with innumerable takeaways to make them better managers and better people. I have heard all of the nationally known motivation/sales speakers and none compare to the real-world message and presentation that Jack delivers. Consider me a strong recommendation for Jack.
Richard H. Marriott, Jr.

Group President - North America, MiTek Industries, Inc.

Scott Zone, Zone Enterprises, Jack Lannom, and Tom Manenti, Retired Chairman Mitek Industries
MUY Pizzas Southeast, Atlanta
How can one say thank you when the gift received is beyond words? The last three-plus months you have provided insight, tools, bonding opportunities, challenges, reinforcement of beliefs, laughter, and yes, tears. What a journey! What a ride! Thank you for your passion and open heart. We will remember you because of this.
Connie Boyd

Vice President, Communication and Public Relations, WCI Communities, Inc.

Good afternoon, my friend!

The AAIM Leadership Conference was nothing short of AMAZING! Truly, it was one of the best events in my entire professional career! The feedback from everyone was “off-the-charts” positive – I have never seen anything like it! And, the “buzz” created from that day is still present today – it is palpable! All of our people are still getting calls and emails from last week! In addition, we literally “lit-up” the social media universe for two days! And, how do you know when you hit a home run? When you hear that your competitors are talking about your event! WOW!

You and Coach Fisher were a dynamic 1-2 punch! Both of you talked about TRUST. Both of you were passionate! But YOU were captivating!! I watched and listened to the crowd – they were ALL IN from the beginning! Everyone has been talking about the hotel staff you brought up on stage….about Phil breaking the board….and your positive energy! People wrote on the evaluations “I can listen to Jack all day!”, “Jack Lannom was Amazing!!!”, “Jack Lannom – great lesson in humility – all should hear it!” I am still putting together the conference summary, so I will be sure to send you the comments. HERE IS THE BEST PART….we have had many, many comments that May 9th was the best one-day conference they had ever been to!!!!

Tim Sater

AAIM Employers’ Association

2018 Lean Japan Tour
2018 Lean Japan Tour
Jack commands a crowd like I’ve never seen before. He has an instant rapport with people. The minute the guy hits the floor, you can feel the energy … I was tremendously impressed.
David Reduzzi

President of the JMA group, a division of the JM Family Enterprises

Jack was the keynote speaker for our annual customer event … Our group had already experienced a wide variety of speakers in both the general sessions and break-outs, our people were tired and not very excited to hear one more speaker. That changed the moment Jack hit the stage! He immediately engaged everyone in the audience, captured their attention and kept them on the edge of their seats! He did an outstanding job with both his presentation and getting people involved. I highly recommend Jack.
Diane Kaufman

Director of Intermediary, Sales Strategy, Marriott International

People First gives your heart and mind a path to make change easier and leadership natural. Jack Lannom artfully combined his unique expertise as a business consultant, martial arts master, and accelerated learning facilitator into an engaging story that can benefit literally anyone who works with people.

Paul R. Schelle

Co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, author of PhotoReading, and Natural Brilliance

Wow! How often do we learn things that improve every aspect of our lives? Sometimes, when things were going really well around us, we had to wonder why. Hard work? Good luck? Sure, that helps, but now we know that things around us go great when we truly put People First! It is a wonderful thing to know that our company now lives in celebration. Living in celebration is promoting every person’s prestige and confidence in our organization. The more we live this, the more we see the magic and beauty that lives within human beings. Not only because we are learning to see it, but also because people are learning to show it!
John Schmidt

Plant Manager, USP Structural Connectors, Subsidiary of MiTek (a Berkshire Hathaway company)

People ask me why I chose to implement the People First Certification Program. My reply is simple: I truly wanted to make a difference in the lives of our employees. Now that we have completed the program, the next question might be, ‘Did it make a difference?’ It absolutely did! I have never witnessed such a profound impact with these employees. Their testimonies reveal improved relationships with their spouses and their children, more effective communication skills with each other in the workplace, and healthy business relationships with our customers.
Ray Southern

Division CEO, Balfour Beatty Construction

The People First Program is not the ‘flavor of the month.’ These are concepts we plan to embrace throughout this organization for years to come. This will become part of our culture. Many of these principles are already embedded in my DNA, but there are some that I will need to work on. You can rest assured that I will make this a priority, and if I fall out of line I will empower the associates around me to remind me as often as necessary.

David Fry

President and Chief Executive Officer, WCI Communities, Inc.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what I consider one of the best training courses I have ever attended in my 20 years in business. I have been trained in Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, and they do not compare to what I believe is the true mechanism of a solid organization. People First was a great experience because it captures what organizations have a tendency to overlook, especially in hard economic times. Coming from an organization that I was with for over 19 years—which never put people first but found that the process was more important than the people—it was a breath of fresh air to work for a company that has clearly embraced the People First approach. As the weeks went on and I began to use the techniques, not only at work but at home, I could clearly see the difference. The program made clear what my role as a leader should be … Thank you, Jack, for giving me the tools that will allow me to be a successful leader in my organization.
Andy Semmonella

Regional Director, Secure Shredding, Iron Mountain


Mark Miller, Vice President of Training for Chick-fil-A, recently asked a group. 'Who are those men and women who had a profound impact on your life? Who helped shape you? Who marked you?' I’ve asked myself those questions, and Jack Lannom is on my short list.

Mark Miller

Vice President of Training, Chick-fil-A

We found the program to be a growing experience that has improved both our professional and personal lives. We left you with a newfound sense of excitement and enthusiasm which has had a profound impact on our organization. I would strongly recommend the course to any individual or group interested in gaining a competitive edge. I want to thank you again, and sincerely look forward to your continued success.
H. Wayne Huizenga

Chairman, Huizenga Holdings, Inc.

Your Transformational Learning Seminar was first class. The staff greatly appreciated your knowledge on Leadership Training. The administrative staff felt as if they really learned a great deal. They are ‘Charged Up’ for the session.
Lynn Abramson

Director of Sales & Marketing, San Diego Chargers

We have seen immediate results in personnel and for myself it was a big wake-up call on how to operate my own business. I thought I had the answers but People First truly enlightened me to a much better way to conduct business and to truly put People First. Thank you, Jack, for a life change.

Tony Leeber

Senior President, Cornerstone Kitchens

As you know, it was our goal to create an environment in which teamwork, communication, and self-motivation would become corporate culture … we can see and feel the difference due to the efforts of your program. As a result of the philosophies and techniques taught and learned in the classes, our staff improved in all aspects of the program as well as enjoying camaraderie. We would be happy to recommend the services of Lannom Incorporated to any organization. Specifically, we want to acknowledge you for your flexibility in designing this course for our particular needs.
Bob Kramm

President, Pro Players Stadium (now Sun Life Stadium)

I highly recommend Jack’s programs to companies desiring to create a more productive work force, a better forum for communication, and desire to develop a team that focuses on both the goals of the employee while realizing the objective of the company.
David L. Guy

President, Arvida Homes

Jack, you have summed up success in two tremendous words, ‘People First.’ This book is for every profession and age group.
Charles T. Jones

Author of Life is Tremendous

Our meetings are more productive…shorter and more focused. Our decision-making is quicker and clearer. Our planning process is producing more and better ideas than ever before. We thought we were pretty good communicators…and now we’re even better. We thought we knew the meaning of teamwork…and now we know better. We’ve enjoyed financial success here over the past years, and we knew it would be tough to top the numbers. I’m delighted that this year will be our best year ever…because of your programs. Your program not only addresses the needs of our organization, but it has made a personal difference for many. It is not useless theories and information. It is readily applicable skills and tools that can make an immediate difference.
Dennis Collins

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Jefferson-Pilot Communications Company

What an enjoyable experience having you spend time with the sales and operations leaders in our company. I must admit that I had significant expectations for the seminar and YES, in every area those expectations were exceeded. Thank You! It was rewarding to not just see smiles on our folk’s faces, but their eyes were wide and bright, and even more importantly their minds were fully engaged. The creativity and energy in which the message is delivered certainly captured their attention, yet it was your sincerity that drove home putting “People First” not just that of a wise business process, but a life calling.
Mark Zimora

Vice President of Operations, Paraco Gas

On behalf of all the partners and employees of the Collins Companies, I want to thank you for a truly outstanding motivational presentation yesterday. Thanks to you, I know there was a lot of worthwhile ‘take home value’ and relationship building. I’m sure that given your background and experience, you could sense that we are fortunate to have a group of wonderful, dedicated, and talented people. You very clearly helped us unify our Statement of Values, which I know will be extremely helpful for all of us, both now and in the future. Diane and I particularly enjoyed out time with you on Sunday evening. We look forward to working with you in the future.
E. Tyler Miller

Vice Chairman, Collins Development Company, San Diego, California

This is to thank you again for making our Heartland Conference one of the best yet! Many of our customers have personally congratulated us for giving them such a valuable and enjoyable learning experience. We congratulate you, personally, and add our thanks for working us into your busy schedule to make the Heartland a great educational and networking opportunity. The more than 800 workforce development professionals who came seeking to enhance their own professional excellence had a better experience from your contribution. We all owe you our sincere appreciation. Evaluations from our attendees gave high s … some of the best scores at the Conference! Congratulations on a job well done! Thanks again for being a part of the Heartland Conference.
Fred Homan

Heartland Conference Coordinator, US Department of Labor

Jack, we received rave reviews from your keynote presentation at our recent franchise convention. You engaged and motivated the audience. Your lessons on focus and the importance of getting focused on people resonated with the audience.
Ben Butler

President, A&W Restaurants/Long John Silvers

Thank you very much for speaking to the Job Corps community on Monday, July 16, at the annual Department of Labor/Office of Job Corps Alpha Conference. Your message on celebrating the human spirit and your inspiring words were a valuable contribution to the success of the conference. The time and energy you shared with attendees will be remembered for quite some time!
Richard C. Trigg

National Director, Office of Job Corps, US Department of Labor

Many felt the ‘power’ of your delivery especially during the connection of self-esteem within ourselves, in relation to our love ones, and our fellow team members. Several had tears in their eyes (as I did) and were inspired to increase their level of customer service and relationships to their family and team members. Thank you from our entire staff for bringing your positive thoughts, energy, and inspiration to the University of Phoenix.
Ronald Hill

Associate Campus Director, University of Phoenix

This is truly the best resource we’ve ever had. Jack renewed my interest and motivated me back to what’s important in the organization–my people. I feel revived again!
The Executive Committee (TEC) Florida member

I was most privileged to participate along with other members of Caterpillar Americas Company in your Learning Styles course. I am grateful to Caterpillar Americas for affording me the opportunity and to you for the most dynamic, thought-provoking, motivating, training I have experience in years. During my twenty-eight year career with the United States army, I was blessed with the best leadership training available anywhere. Beyond that, I was granted countless opportunities to lead and teach in 1980 as an associate professor. I was honored to command at every level from platoon to regiment, and for two of those years was responsible for the leadership training of all lieutenants and captains in the army’s tank/cavalry corps. I related the forgoing only to drive home the point that I have dedicated much of my professional life to training and higher education. Now employed by Caterpillar Americas in the field of performance improvement, I try to stay abreast of new teaching and training methodologies but very seldom run across anything I would consider new or exciting. Not, however, until your Learning Styles course. I am indebted to you, Jack, for opening my eyes and my conscience to a completely new realm of learning and development that I am anxious to explore. Your work holds unimaginable promise to those of us dedicated to maximizing human performance.
Donald N. Elder

Caterpillar Americas Company

Thanks for the opportunity to attend the transformational coaching seminar that you conducted recently for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Wow! It was truly inspirational, and a personal experience I shall long remember. I also want to extend my deep appreciation for your supercharged, motivational, and dynamic presentation to the 250 Coast Guard Team and our organization. Three electric, non-stop hours with you left our people brimming with a new understanding about the tremendous energy present within themselves, and how to focus it in order to help themselves in the future. Thanks again for the most motivating and enriching presentation I have ever attended.
J.W. Lockwood

Rear Admiral, US Coast Guard

In the beginning, there was Jack. Then Jack created teamwork at Mark, Fore & Strike. He provided us with communication skills and a sense of empowerment. Because Jack believes in each of us, we began to believe in each other. Jack Lannom, president of the team- building consulting group, has been working with Mark, Fore & Strike since August to build and strengthen a ‘winning team.’ Through his expert facilitation skills, our management team has learned memory techniques, communication tools, strategy planning, and how to implement brainstorming ideas. He assisted us in determining our department purposes, drawing our core process maps, and how each of us affects our internal customers. Appropriately, these sessions with Jack have spawned ‘Jackisms,’ or what some management members coined as becoming ‘Lannomized.’ Perhaps you have heard a co-worker in the hallway or at the fax machine reciting a phrase such as ‘focus, align and congrue.’ One can be assured that the employee has not been watching too many late-night infomercials, but has become ‘Lannomized,’ and is practicing better communication skills.
An article from The Mark Group Employee Newsletter

The Mark Group

I have received many comments, e-mails, and letters praising the sessions you held on Transformational Coaching. There has been a noticeable difference in attitude and performance among the managers who participated, and their optimism and enthusiasm has proven to be contagious within their branches and departments. The concepts presented were logical and easily understood by every level of supervisor, and the vitality of your presentation kept the adrenalin flowing. You are in high demand for our employee meeting next February, and I will be in touch shortly to reserve the date. Thanks for the effective inspiration.
David M. Strickland

President & CEO, Barnett Bank

I am pleased to report to you that the Mark Group had a record year in which we exceeded our revenue and earnings’ goal. In fact, we doubled our goal. Jack, I would like to thank you personally for your contribution to our success. This year we made an investment in our people.
Your program strengthened management’s communication tools, strategic planning knowledge, team building, and helped us to believe in our ability to achieve lofty goals. We accomplished a great deal and we had fun doing so. Thank you for helping me create an environment where the pursuit of excellence is part of the culture.
Michael Tiernam

President and CEO, The Mark Group

When you look up the word motivation in Webster’s unabridged dictionary, you get these kinds of definitions: to impel – to incite – to cause some inner drive, impulse, intention, that causes a person to do something or act in a certain way. At various times in our adult lives, each of us has paid attention – for some reason, when we’re ready to apply a new lesson – or an old one – to our circumstances – to our life experiences. In other words, we’re ready to learn. In the fortunate case of finding Jack Lannom, our Florida group was ready to learn… to walk the talk of change. Jack Lannom came to us at the right time. Of all the speakers we could have had at our annual meeting, no one could have motivated us more. He did touch that inner drive that causes us to act. In my nine years with the company, arranging and offering speaker ideas, Jack created the highest level of enthusiasm I have ever witnessed. Jack went beyond a fleeting hour and a half of inspired messages for us. Just last week, I met with two different division presidents who said they had reviewed his tape of our session three times. Right after our annual meeting, I saw Jack’s words on posters in our company lobbies – and Jack’s words at the tops of stairs. His lessons are lasting. Real. And Welcomed. Jack made an enormous impression on us.

I think the best words of support come directly from that tough field. Here are some of their personal responses: 1) I still am energized from the presentation by Jack. It is great to visit with many of my managers who talk about his being a vital part of our best meeting ever. 2) Great presentation at a time when our company needs it. 3) Great meeting. Ever since, I’ve been pointing to the future and doubting my limitations. 4) Everyone (the world) should have an opportunity to learn your outlook on life. Perhaps changes will happen sooner. 5) Thanks, Jack for a great uplifting presentation. Our sales team loved the 5 key points ending with yes! 6) Very energizing. And it hit home. I’m looking forward to part two…and the book. 7) Your seminar—forward, backwards or sideways—was wonderful. Jack, you hooked me. (This next one is very short..but it’s from one of our ‘difficult to move’ division presidents … when I saw this response I wanted to frame it.) 8) Great, exciting, a rewarding experience. 9) Leaving a legacy in our personal and business affairs is so important, yet so simple. Your presentation – displayed with great passion – was the key for us to hear this message. (Here’s another short but revealing message to Jack) 10) Thank you and God Bless you. (And the last one to share from the field …) 11) The compelling, haunting message, which emerges again and again, is that – I am the captain of my ship – I set the course- I alone am responsible for the missing – and I can do it. Thanks. Now, Jimmy Rogers will share one more response with you … I – too – am still using, and applying techniques and lessons learned from my new coach, Jack Lannom. But here is a response that represents all of us in the Florida Group – It’s a quote that is printed on the back of Jack’s brochure: ‘We had the fortune to have Jack Lannom kick off our statewide management meeting.’ In less than two hours, I was in front of my team – attempting to break a board with my bare hand – and because Jack Lannom said I could do it. His dynamic, inspirational message filled us with positive energy (chi). And his core messages were repeated by my management team throughout the conference. Would I recommend him to other companies? Without reservation.

Mr. Rogers

Senior Vice President, Waste Management, Florida Group

Dear Jack, Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I really look forward to reading it, as I’m passionate about “People First.” I would be flattered if you mentioned our company as a great example. It’s an honor to be highlighted in that context.

Congratulations on your book, and thanks for your interest and praise for our company.

David C. Novak

Chairman & CEO, Yum! Brands, Inc.

I must say that ‘People First’ is one of, if not the best book, I have ever read.
Scott A. Dennison

CEO/Founder, Inspired Life Development

Motivating and teaching to unlock powers within, achieve highest potential, and implementing techniques in putting People First- while working together making needed differences- while uplifting facilitating and expressing our human spirit!…all… is in your People First Program!
Keith Colley

Founder/Producer/Writer, Cando Project

As a ‘Company that Cares’, Republic Services understands that value of our people and the critical role that they play in our success. Both individually and collectively, we want people to believe in themselves and to become more passionate about everything they do… People First is a road map to follow if you care and want to create a great place to work. I highly recommend People First.
James E. O’Connor

I am involved in the training industry that impacts many industries. The most successful companies are in a constant state of helping personal growth develop from the owner all the way to the person who started with the company yesterday. I will recommend ‘People First’ to every one of my clients and also suggest that they do as I have, and pass it on to every member of their family! ‘People First’ is not a ‘how to’ it’s a ‘why’ for life. I am certain it will become a classic!
George Madiou

President/CEO, LiveOnlineMeeting.com

If you truly care about real success, which is honoring and enhancing the unlimited potential of others, Jack Lannom’s “People First” is a must read.
Jack Maitland

Former Running Back, Baltimore Colts & New England Patriots, President, Maitland, Inc., Creative Marketing Specialists

Jack Lannom with Keith Koenig, CEO, City Furniture
Bob Kramm, President of Pro Players Stadium with Jack Lannom
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Jack Lannom, Keynote Speaker “Engaging Through Culture” Conference
Jack Lannom interviewed by Spero Canton of Comcast
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