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“Providing one of the most important books you will ever read…”

People First is Changing Cultures and Changing Lives.

Jack Lannom has made his life’s work researching, educating, and transforming companies to become the most efficient and profitable versions of themselves by instilling People First principles and techniques.

The success of his methods has transformed businesses on a global scale. Jack is so enormously passionate about the principles he teaches, it has become his life’s mission to get his book, People First, in the hands of every organization around the world.

The results of the People First methods are undisputed; they increase not only the overall success and happiness of your employees, but dramatically increase your bottom line.

Jack is also giving you the opportunity to give People First as a gift to your respected peers.

Join The Leadership Initiative and fellow People First organizations on this international shift in company culture. Thought leaders around the world are engaging in the most groundbreaking triumph of business leadership… People First.

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Praise for People First Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World

“If you are a leader, manager, coach, or parent, please read this book. People First™ contains priceless wisdom that will change your life.”

Jack Canfield

Author of New York Times best-sellers Chicken Soup For The Soul® and The Success Principles

“Readers will relate to the simple truths of People First. If you take Jack Lannom’s message to heart, it will transform your professional and personal relationships in a significant way.”

Ken Blanchard

Co-author of The One Minute Manager® and The One Minute Entrepreneur™

“People First is an outstanding contribution to the literature in the leadership field. The book is ‘content-filled’ and ‘reader-friendly.’ I am a Professor in Marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have reviewed many books on leadership. People First presents a compelling statement focused on empowering people through systematic building of interpersonal relationships. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, I am teaching the People First principles to my students. You have written a winner, Jack. Congratulations!”

Charles W. King

Professor of Marketing, University of Illinois at Chicago

“In Jack Lannom’s People First book, leaders discover how to empower people rather than wielding power over them. People First provides simple action steps toward building strong interpersonal relationships. A must read book for anyone who has to deal with people!”

Dr. Tony Alessandra

Author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma

“Who are those men and women who had a profound impact on your life? Who helped shape you? Who marked you? I’ve asked myself those questions, and Jack Lannom is on my short list.”

Mark Miller

Vice President of Training for Chick-fil-A

“People First is a simple yet very powerful book. A must read for CEOs, executives at all levels, their employees, parents, and kids. This is a great primer for high school and college students. Read it now and apply this simple brilliance. Thank you Jack! Well done!”

Jeffrey Meshel

Author of One Phone Call Away: Secrets of a Master Networker, Chairman of Mercury Capital Corporation

Why Should YOU Join the Leadership Initiative?

The Leadership Initiative is a cultural catalyst operating in every corner of the globe. It is instrumental in transforming organizations by:

compassExploring a global dialog about the nature of true leadership and how to implement methods to develop a purposeful and profitable organization

Empowering individuals to take ownership of their influential role in the organization and developing unparalleled caring communication and servant-leadership methods

Encouraging positivity, productivity, communication, integrity, and leadership resulting in a dramatically increased quality of life and unprecedented company growth

Engaging the members of your organization in a way that promotes extraordinary personal and professional development while ensuring success on every level of your business



Mark Miller, Vice President of Training for Chick-fil-A, recently asked a group. 'Who are those men and women who had a profound impact on your life? Who helped shape you? Who marked you?' I’ve asked myself those questions, and Jack Lannom is on my short list.

Mark Miller

Vice President of Training, Chick-fil-A

We have seen immediate results in personnel and for myself it was a big wake-up call on how to operate my own business. I thought I had the answers but People First truly enlightened me to a much better way to conduct business and to truly put People First. Thank you, Jack, for a life change.

Tony Leeber

Senior President, Cornerstone Kitchens

People First gives your heart and mind a path to make change easier and leadership natural. Jack Lannom artfully combined his unique expertise as a business consultant, martial arts master, and accelerated learning facilitator into an engaging story that can benefit literally anyone who works with people.

Paul R. Schelle

Co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, author of PhotoReading, and Natural Brilliance

The People First Program is not the ‘flavor of the month.’ These are concepts we plan to embrace throughout this organization for years to come. This will become part of our culture. Many of these principles are already embedded in my DNA, but there are some that I will need to work on. You can rest assured that I will make this a priority, and if I fall out of line I will empower the associates around me to remind me as often as necessary.

David Fry

President and Chief Executive Officer, WCI Communities, Inc.