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People First Master Coach
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People First Master Coach

I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL and attended college at University of North Carolina, where I obtained my RN BSN degree.  I have been working in and around various medical settings for decades including assisting physicians, legal nurse consulting, and educating families in pediatrics, NICU, emergency room, mental health settings, and hospice involving all ages and cultures. Throughout my years in these positions, I have gained invaluable years of clinical training, skills in communicating health and medical interventions, as well advanced leadership skills.

Through my diverse professional career and numerous trainings, I have become proficient in educating and coaching leaders in the development of their professional positions.  I helped strengthen long term business relationships through enhancing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each organizational management level.

Working as a Legal Nurse Consultant for mid to high level management, I mastered skills which allow me to confidently manage executive level business partners and communicate effectively and efficiently. In 2009, I studied business development and “a people” centered training. It became apparent that the more you show honor and integrity the more the organizations increased their profits. Living these traits and mirroring them in my work became even more imperative. It was at this time I created my own business which included marketing trainings and consulting and coaching companies. Recently, I continued to enhance my professionalism as I traveled internationally as a Medical Auditor for cruise ship hospitals within the maritime industry. In this position, I organized and tracked the pharmaceuticals, and guided the leadership divisions on multiple cruise lines.

Throughout my professional career one passion has always remained. When I first met Jack in 2015, I immediately knew we shared that fierce passion and vision, one that is steeped in knowledge of coming alongside companies and creating exceptional results. Being a Master Coach for People First where I can express my passion and live out my vision is truly a privilege and honor.

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