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People First – The Cure for “Business as Usual”

People First: Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World gives massive illumination for every person who truly wants to make a difference in people’s lives. It is a transformational 5-step philosophy told in a story format that will equip you with little known secrets for achieving balance in an unbalanced world.

Veteran consultant and award-winning author Jack Lannom enlists seven successful business leaders to outline a clear, comprehensive strategy for increasing trust and decreasing tension in your personal and professional lives.
The People First Effect is a business fable about CEO Dan Burton.
As Dan Burton pulls his car out of the executive parking lot on a Tuesday night, he is deeply troubled. His face is drawn down into what is becoming a perpetual frown. However, it is time to leave the office to go to his weekly Walu Kung Fu class, and Dan actually brightens a bit. His schedule doesn’t leave time for many outside activities, but Dan strives never to miss this class. The physical activity is wonderful, and during the hour-and-a-half he spends with Sifu Li, the Grandmaster who owns and operates the school, Dan is able to escape the nagging, wearisome questions that have been plaguing him every day.
Sifu (pronounced “SEE foo,” which means “teacher” in Chinese) is one of those “special” people: a man with sparkling eyes, a smile that never fades, and what appears to be a genuine and abounding love for all of his students. Dan has been attending Sifu Li’s Walu Kung Fu school for six years, and he is convinced that this is no mere “appearance”—Sifu’s appreciation for his students is sincere. He always has an encouraging word and patient instruction for even the most awkward student, and his gentle spirit, self-deprecating humor, and unfailing courtesy and wisdom are a constant source of delight.
Dan smiles to himself as he recalls how cautiously he initially approached the Walu Kung Fu school. He had heard somewhere that most martial arts teachers seek to inculcate their students with the doctrines of eastern religion, which Dan was certain would clash with the beliefs he had held ever since he was a boy. However, a coworker who attended the school assured Dan that, far from being a proponent of eastern mysticism, Sifu Li taught timeless moral principles along with the practical techniques of the martial arts. Today Dan would readily admit that he has grown to respect Sifu more than any man he knows, and he is not alone in that regard. During the six years that Dan has attended the school, it has doubled in size. Yet Sifu never seems preoccupied by “business.”
Dan arrives just as workouts begin, and takes his place with the other students doing their stretching and warm-ups. Sifu’s bright brown eyes are scanning the room, making sure his students are limPrologue:
A Call for Help bering up properly, and for a moment his eyes meet Dan’s. Sifu’s face lights with a warm smile, and he nods a greeting. Dan smiles back, and suddenly a thought comes to him: Why don’t you ask Sifu to give you some advice about your problem? Dan is startled at the idea. Oh, come on, get real, he tells himself. I’m the CEO of a multi-million dollar firm, and Sifu just teaches Kung Fu—the internal argument dies abruptly. Dan nods to himself as he quickly acknowledges that Sifu is more than “just” a teacher. His school—Sifu calls it a kwoon, Chinese for “school” or “training room”—is a massive success by anyone’s standards. Sifu has earned international recognition as a Grandmaster—an undefeated world champion in international sparring and forms competitions. He is, quite simply, one of the most accomplished practitioners of Walu Kung Fu in the world.
People First will unveil the answers to these crucial questions in an easy-to-learn, self-help system that will enable you to move beyond success to greatness.

Start today to use these amazing simple steps to build your life, your work associates, and all your family. You really can achieve a life / work balance – a quick-read story with profound possibilities.

People First is an outstanding contribution to the literature in the leadership field! The book is “content filled” and “reader friendly”! I am a Professor in Marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have reviewed many books on leadership. People First presents a compelling statement focused on empowering people through systematic building of interpersonal relationships. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, I am teaching the People First principles to my students. I teach the concepts of “The Pyramid of People Power,” “MMFI–Make Me Feel Important,” “Create a Culture of Recognition and Celebration” … and many others. The People First text clearly presents specific “hands-on” techniques that can build a powerful leadership style for the reader. As a consultant and professional educator in the network marketing industry, I am strongly endorsing People First as “required reading” in relationship building to my company clients and network marketing distributor audiences worldwide. I look forward to reading the other books in the People First series and sharing the philosophy. You have written a winner, Jack. Congratulations!
Charles W. King

Professor of Marketing, University of Illinois at Chicago, Co-Founder, Faculty Administrator and Seminar Leader of the UIC Certificate Seminar in Network Marketing Researcher, Educator, Author and Consultant in Network Marketing

As a “Company that Cares,” Republic Services understands that value of our people and the critical role that they play in our success. Both individually and collectively, we want people to believe in themselves and to become more passionate about everything they do. This book provides a simple yet powerful message regarding the importance of caring for yourself, your family, your co-workers and your customers. People First is a road map to follow if you care and want to create a great place to work. I highly recommend People First.
James E. O’Connor

Chairman & CEO, Republic Services, Inc. Rated as one of America’s Top 100 CEOs

I wholeheartedly endorse your philosophy of honoring, valuing, and celebrating the human spirit as the new economics of the 21st century ... People First is a clarion call to bring the world back to what truly makes every nation wealthy, which is building lives and passing on an enduring legacy of truth in all things, wisdom in all things, and excellence in all things. Jack, until we get your People First message, we are doomed to living impoverished lives, both morally and financially.

Sir Olaf Halvorssen

Knight Commander – Norway Founder, Director and President of Authentix International, Chairman of the Board, People First International

Who are those men and women who had a profound impact on your life? Who helped shape you? Who marked you? I’ve asked myself those questions, and Jack Lannom is on my short list.
Mark Miller

Vice President of Training for Chick-fil-A, Republic Services, Inc. Rated as one of America’s Top 100 CEOs

I have just finished reading your book People First; it was a great pleasure. I have read several thousand self-help books in the last 30 years, and I am not easily impressed. However, your book did impress me, and here are the reasons:

  1. It was well written and had a very nice story with a happy ending. (I had tears in my eyes at the end.)
  2. It was easy reading.
  3. It WILL help a lot of people, not only in their jobs but also at home in the family.
  4. The People First philosophy will catch on like wildfire. (It will be like Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends.)
  5. The book will be bought by management and given to employees … oops … purpose partners.
  6. Trainers all over the world WILL “steal” and start using “the Pyramid of People Power” by Jack Lannom in their trainings, like “Maslow’s pyramid.” (In fact, Jack, I have already used your pyramid in Norwegian in some of my seminars. I received it some time back in an e-mail newsletter from someone in the USA, and I did not know that you were the one who created it).

Jack, your book will be a fantastic success, I am sure about it and I am proud to know you, and even better, work with you in coming years.

Rino Solberg

Chairman/Editor-in-Chief, Success Magazine in Uganda

Jack Lannom’s People First is the first business management and leadership book I’ve read in years that gets it so very right. In thirty years of business management and technology consulting to the Fortune 500 and too many successful startups, I’ve been very fortunate to work with the best and the brightest in many fields and through many iterations of the “next big thing.” From the tremendous influence of the late Peter Drucker to the popularity of Tom Peters, management has tried everything from activity based costing to total quality management in an effort to succeed. None of these matter if the people aren’t truly the first interest of their leaders, rather than merely an obligatory motivational activity. If people don’t know and feel that the success of the business and all of their family and co-workers (their Purpose Partners) is their success. We must all give up the false dichotomy of success verses failure, and believe in each other, personally and purposefully. Had Jack Lannom’s book been available back when I was teaching business management and computer science in college, People First would have been an ideal text. Almost all the business and technology failures we’ve seen over the last thirty years have been due to people problems – the technical problems are easily solved, but without solving the people problems, those solutions are never successful. Jack Lannom teaches the lessons gently and well, drawing on ancient and proven wisdom. Having worked hard to foster the adoption of business process management and thereby enable the importance of individuals to shine, I’m convinced that the philosophy taught in People First is needed to provide the moral compass and motivation for these next generation technologies and business strategies. The potential of combining the People First approach to life with these management enablers is very exciting! I hope all my clients will read his book and take his message on board, deeply and personally. All of us have only this wonderful world and the joy of each other to gain.
David McGoveran

Principal and Founder, Alternative Technologies

In Jack Lannom’s People First book, leaders discover how to empower people rather than wielding power over them. People First provides simple action steps toward building strong interpersonal relationships. A must read book for anyone who has to deal with people!
Dr. Tony Alessandra

Author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma

I really enjoyed People First. Not only did it enlighten my spirit, it moved me and reminded me of what’s really important. As a result the five habits of communication pyramid is on my desk and it will stay there until I’m habituated. It’s simple, but not always easy, and you have provided a great reminder.
I have no doubt it will become a classic in the realm of Who Moved My Cheese?, Leadership and Self-Deception, and The Greatest Salesman In the World.
Stewart Levine

Author of Getting to Resolution and The Book of Agreement

People First gives your heart and mind a path to make change easier and leadership natural. Jack Lannom artfully combined his unique expertise as business consultant, martial arts master, accelerated learning facilitator, and spiritual teacher into an engaging story that can benefit literally anyone who works with people.
Paul R. Scheele

Co-founder, Learning Strategies Corporation and Author of PhotoReading and Natural Brilliance, learningstrategies.com

People First is a simple yet very powerful book. A must read for CEOs, executives at all levels, their employees, parents, and kids. This is a great primer for high school and college students. Read it now and apply this simple brilliance. Thank you Jack! Well done!
Jeffrey Meshel, Author of One Phone Call Away: Secrets of a Master Networker

Chairman of Mercury Capital Corporation, Chairman & Founder of The Strategic Forum

In his powerful and engaging book People First, Jack Lannom reminds leaders that their most important role is to empower the people around them. In addition to being the right thing to do, it also makes sense. An empowered team will create success for the leader, but for this to happen the leader must put his or her team first. The strategies in People First will help you to be an outstanding leader who creates outstanding results.
Tom McCarthy

Author of the highly acclaimed book Fire Up Your Presentations & Fire Up Your Results as well as several CD learning programs including the best-selling Paraliminals, Peak Performance and Talking to Win, Author of the highly acclaimed book Fire Up Your Presentations & Fire Up Your Results as well as several CD learning programs including the best-selling Paraliminals, Peak Performance and Talking to Win

People First … A strong message for every business leader: the most important asset on your balance sheet is your people. Get your people right and everything else will come right.
Susan Ford Collins & Richard Israel

Authors of The Joy of Success and Success Has Gears

People First offers real tools to change the way you think about and the way that you interact with those that you are in relationship every day; work relationships and personal relationships. It is great reading that illustrates just how effective these changes can be in creating a more prosperous and fulfilling life. Jack Lannom, you have done a wonderful job in painting a picture of balance, abundance and happiness that can truly be achieved. This book is a must read for everyone.
Kandee G.

Internationally recognized speaker, life coach, radio host,Author of Now Boarding: Next Stop–Your Remarkable Life

I loved People First – The story is so entertaining and inspiring. The action steps are so simple and easy to apply, yet deeply profound and transformative – in a personal and business context. Plus, the results are absolutely extraordinary. Get a copy for yourself and everyone you care about.
Bob Scheinfeld

Best-selling author of The Invisible Path to Success and The 11th Element

People First is a powerful and inspiring book with specific instructions on how to improve your life. The story behind the book makes it impossible for the reader to forget how simple genuine attempts to place people before the task, changes the quality of all relationships.
Barbara McRae, MCC

Best-selling author of Coach Your Teen to Success