People First Coaching

Senior executive teams all over the globe have invested in Jack’s innovative Executive Coaching after realizing it is often one of the most overlooked aspects in an organization and the missing piece they needed to skyrocket to success.
International leaders join Jack for executive coaching for one of multiple reasons. Some executives feel like they are unclear on how to move the company forward. Many want an executive equal they can have confidential conversations with and develop ideas. Most know that if they were to improve on something within themselves, their organization as a whole benefits. Jack is ready to take you and your executive team from where you are to where you want to be.

The benefits of executive coaching can be seen in real time as well as through long term, measurable results. Jack’s coaching style is action oriented, and focuses on your present circumstances as well as your future goals. By becoming your executive accountability partner, Jack gives you the action plan you need to discover the best path for you and your company to move forward.

Jack empowers you to connect to your strengths, validates your stresses, and develops a personal plan for your success. His strategies to unlock your company’s key business imperatives initiate a personal and professional transformation that focuses on your leadership development, developing a people centric organization, and achieving exceptional financial performance. Jack’s coaching methods are the heart of success for global clientele year after year.

When I came upon the People First process it really gave us a new language to speak around MiTek… it gave everyone insight on the right leadership style, starting with me.
Tom Manenti

Chairman and CEO, MiTek, a Berkshire Hathaway Company