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Stephen received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Middle Tennessee State University and has amassed 40 years’ experience in key positions of responsibility within the manufacturing industry. During those forty years, he attended many global training initiatives that gave him an advanced understanding in all aspects of world-class manufacturing ventures.

Stephen dedicated thirty years to the Komatsu Corporation, a Japanese-owned global construction equipment manufacturer with production facilities all over the globe. Komatsu helped Stephen develop a comprehensive knowledge of world-class manufacturing techniques which enable him to specialize in efficiency and fiscal improvements to this day.

In his 30 years of travelling worldwide for Komatsu, Stephen learned to navigate a host of diverse cultures. He believes that the most beneficial of those experiences was derived from working in the Japanese culture. He received extensive training in Japanese manufacturing techniques and implemented them into practical, workplace strategies. These practices include Kaizen, Kanban, JIT, POU, 5-S, superior negotiating techniques, and Dojo management, which became an everyday practice at Komatsu.

Stephen implemented the Midorikai Supplier Program, which built a supply chain in the United States encompassing the most elite suppliers and equipping them with Japanese manufacturing techniques. Far more than a business system, the Midorikai Program is a philosophy, which, when properly implemented, quickly becomes second nature.

During the last ten years of his tenure with Komatsu, Stephen was the Director of Komatsu Global Procurement for the Americas, developing strategies for the procurement activities for manufacturing within North and South America. During this time, Stephen also devoted a great deal of attention to teaching and training various suppliers in the most effective methods for improving quality and delivery, reducing waste, cutting costs, and protecting the environment.

In his 40 years of service, Stephen has received several awards, including the prestigious Komatsu Presidential Award, which is awarded for cost reduction initiatives and continuous improvement on company practices. He was the first Westerner employed by Komatsu to be presented with this award.

Stephen is very service-oriented and knowledgeable in world-class manufacturing practices, choosing to approach problems as opportunities for reflection and improvement. He is passionate about offering solutions to individuals and organizations who are grappling with problem-solving and efficiency issues. These solutions address (but are certainly not limited to) industrial engineering, sales, marketing, acquisitions, logistics, supply chain management, capital expenditures, manufacturing processes, and research.

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