Being constantly optimistic is a high standard for any company let alone any single individual. We all go through our ups and downs. We are taught to not let the outside world affect our work, but how can we when we are trying to create a balance between the two? If you practice what I preach, you are trying to implement what you are doing at work at home. The two are not completely interchangeable. That’s why trying to have a great attitude DESPITE what is happening in the outside world leads us to something else. Rewarding this extraordinary behavior is necessary as both a common practice and a reminder to your purpose partners that there is something substantial in a good attitude.

Honoring the human spirit is more about embracing your purpose partners and what makes them unique. The human spirit goes through many obstacles. Having a good attitude at work shows perseverance. As a boss, you may not know the personal struggles of your employees. You know how he or she works best, who they work best with, or what kind of motivation they need to succeed, but you may not necessarily know the struggle they are having at home or even the internal conflict they have at work. But they have a constant positive attitude. That needs to be rewarded. But how?


A great attitude might come easily for some and for others it requires a little bit of effort. Either way, let them know that you are noticing their attitude and let them know that you appreciate them and their efforts. If your purpose partners know that they are appreciated and that the way they carry themselves throughout the workplace is noticed, they will keep it up.


Rewarding your team can be beneficial in the long-run if you create an incentivized way of rewarding their behavior. This does not have to be consistent and predictable, but showing your purpose partners that you notice and you care in different ways can really bring out the best in people. Remember, happy employees are usually positive about their experiences in the office. Taking the team out to lunch, writing a hand-written “thank you” note, or flexible scheduling can really bring out the best in folks.

Be Specific and Sincere

Remember that when you are telling your employees thank you or if you are praising them for their great work and attitude, be specific. Don’t just say “good job” or “great work”. Tell them what you noticed about their work and attitude so that they know that you truly appreciated what they accomplished. Anyone can say generic words of praise, but you can say the why of the praise. Sincerity is important between purpose partners. Tell them that you really liked this aspect of their presentation or you noticed that they worked really hard and went above and beyond on this project. They will truly appreciate that reward.

Remember to acknowledge your employees and once-in-awhile make it worthwhile to keep up that great attitude. Your purpose partners are there for a reason and acknowledging that dedication and great attitude is just the start to a successful business and partnership.