Leadership is all about possessing power and making other people powerful. Authority is about power. Real power is the power that makes other people powerful. This is one of the most important aspects of leadership you may ever come across. If you are a leader with many purpose partners, dedicate your life to fulfilling this. It even applies to your personal life. Everywhere you go, you should want to make other people powerful. Is your spouse a powerful person? Are your children powerful? Is your company powerful?

Power is about EMPOWERMENT. Empower the people around you. Discover who they are and what their talents are. Release the energy that is inside of them. Are you a powerful person? A powerful person – it is as if they don’t exist. They are there to put into everything else. They’re in the moment; they’re in the now. They’re all about finding other people’s talents and gifts and who they are as a person and employee. Leaders with power see every person as a package. We all come in different sizes and shapes and leaders can’t wait to discover who is there and what makes them powerful. Discovering what makes them powerful will empower them to become a leader.

You are not powerful if you are not making other people powerful. Power is about giving it away. That which you withhold diminishes; that which you give away multiplies. Think of the most powerful people in your company or around you. The people around them are massively powerful. The leaders are not intimidated by their ideas, questions, and rebuttals. It’s not all about them – the one true leader. Being a leader is about others.

True leaders give their power to others creating other leaders. Countless times I have gone into companies and I ask them, do you have a system in place to identify and train future leaders? Almost every person has a panicked look on their face. They say, “No Jack. We don’t have anything like that.” But it’s really simple isn’t it? If you want your company to flourish not just now but in the future, identifying those exceptional people and training them to become the future leaders of your company is the way to success. As a leader, you should be able to identify those around you that will become great leaders. Start teaching them now. Give them power little by little and they will soon become great. Can you become more powerful? Yes. Give it away.